Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) 2001
Practitioner and Trainer (Approved by Gary Craig)
Levels: 1, 2, Basic, Advanced

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
  Advanced Practitioner Training  2006- NLP Learning Systems, Addison, Tx
  Master NLP Practitioner Training, 2008 Robert Dilts, University of California, CA
      3rd Generation
           New Coding
           Time Lines
           Logical Levels and Perceptual Positions- The SOAR Model
          Meta Mapping and Meta Model III
           Identifying Meta Program Patterns of Individuals and Cultures
           Somatic Syntax and Generative NLP Processes
           Belief Change Processes- Reimprinting and Belief Integration
           Belief Assessment and Outframing
           Time Line Belief Installation Procedure
           Sleight of Mouth and Advanced Language Patterns

Master Level Light and Sound Brain Entrainment

Founder of SNAP! Technology, since 1998
Master Level Coach
  Life Coach Certification, Get A Life Coaching, David Cantu, 2001
  Master Coach Certification, International Coaching Institute, 2003
New York University, NYC, NY  1983
   Direct Mail Marketing
CLASS Speakers (Christian Leaders and Speakers Seminars) 1992
   Public Speaking Training
   Personalities Certification

Landmark Education Corporation  1996
   Curriculum For Living
   Communication Courses
   Wisdom Courses
   Regional Volunteer Director for Houston, Austin, New Orleans, San Antonio 2004
   Source (Program Coordinator and Enrollment) Austin, 2005
Global Relationship Centers 2005
   Understanding Yourself and Others Certificate of Completion
   Loving Yourself and Others Certificate of Completion
Biofeedback, 2008
   Robert Dilts,
Somatic Vision Mind-Body Integration Product
   University of California, Santa Cruz, California